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Jewelry Boxes 101

A jewelry box is designed for organization, protection, and style. More than simply storage – a jewelry box should keep your jewelry, gems, and trinkets safeguarded, available for easy access, and look sharp in the process. In short, function and form. Selecting a box is largely personal preference, but there are key considerations. Those considerations are size, style, and interior layout.


Having spent years consulting individual customers on selecting boxes both in-store and online, so often we have seen people underestimate their storage needs. Thus, they often buy a box that is too small and outgrow within a few years. Naturally, the size of the footprint is important on all jewelry boxes, as it must fit comfortably with your available space. But I encourage customers to select the maximum size that their available space allows to avoid having to buy another soon after, and being forced to “cram” valuable jewelry pieces into a box that’s too small. Another option is an armoire. Jewelry Armoires are generally either wall-mounted or cabinet-style. The advantage of an armoire is ample storage in a typically space-saving footprint. No matter what your needs, has you covered with an extremely wide selection of chests, boxes, armoires, and cabinets from small to large.


The old saying “a thing of beauty is a joy forever” applies here. Often it is worth spending a few more dollars to select a box that you love. Over the span of years, and considering the value of your jewelry – in dollars or in sentimental value – don’t shortchange yourself to save a couple bucks. Select a box that you love. It will be a piece of furniture, an accent piece, you will be admiring for years to come. The variety of finishes and styles is staggering, from high-gloss, piano-finish pieces, to understated, muted natural-grain finishes, to rich, deep, dark wood finishes, to jewelry boxes with inlay wood or metal, to bright, painted boxes, to more “cutting edge” unique styles (such as Pig Iron, Relic, and Steampunk boxes) and on and on. And don’t get carried away with what you perceive to be recognizable brand names. There are dozens of $50-$75 boutique brand jewelry boxes I would take any day over national brand name boxes costing $150; likewise there are numerous $150 boxes I’d much rather own than big brand name $300 boxes. In short, while price often correlates with size, price most certainly does not always correlate with quality….in fact, frequently the opposite can be true!

Interior organization

What does your jewelry collection look like and how much of each piece do you have?

If you own lots of pendants and necklaces, look for a jewelry box with hooks inside the lid or in side doors. A pouch to hold the pendants secure is always nice.

Pearls will need compartmentalization. Individual pearls should avoid touching each other during long-term storage as this can cause chipping or pitting. So look for a jewelry box with small compartments. Avoid hanging pearls as the silk string may become weak; instead, store flat and alone to separate from other jewelry.

If you have numerous watches, a separate Watch Box is advisable. This affords protection, protects from damage, and makes selecting what watch to wear on a given day that much easier! Or, if you just have 1-2 watches, some jewelry boxes have watch rolls built in. More common still is to see a combination Men’s Valet, Watch Box, and Cufflinks Box in one.

Speaking of cufflinks, Cuff Links Boxes are extremely popular. Some hold as few as 6-10 pairs, while others accommodate north of 100 pairs. I personally enjoy owning a dedicated cufflinks box, as this makes selecting what pair I will wear a cinch….all right in front of me for easy viewing.

Earrings, like pearls, are naturally best suited toward compartmentalization. Again, a tray with numerous small compartments is ideal for those who own many earrings, as the sharp posts and backings can damage if stored in close proximity of each other. Earrings are best stored in pairs.

So remember, the selection of a Jewelry Box or Armoire, Watch Box, Cufflinks Box, or any kind of storage box for your valuables is 100% about personal preference: your own unique storage needs, storage size, and box style.